Within organizational optimization we work with teams and project teams.
Whenever Hopi Indians are preparing for a hunt they don't do this by discussing a strategy which breaks down their difficulties into the individual bits and pieces. They actually sit together and collectively imagine a good hunt.

To demount a machine into its nuts and bolts is a reasonable way to solve a problem. However, a “team problem” is complex and described by each team member in a different way. The identification of the root cause or a proper description for a complex problem is an exhaustive process; and very often leads to growing and even more problems and accusations.

“Problems cannot be solved by the same way of thinking that created them.”
Albert Einstein

Thinking solution focused and applying solution focused principles in facilitation creates solutions and improvements: concrete and implementable steps towards optimization. Our business is to concentrate on finding these steps. Teams agree concrete, feasible steps to improve their collaboration and results.

We are your partner during the implementation
and will ensure sustainability of the achieved improvements.